You need an Enterprise
Feature Packed
Cloud PBX

A hosted PBX Solution from MyTelnet
is packed with features you would only
expect from an Enterprise PBX

An innovate approach,
to managing your
voice spend

We give you great call analytics
with an easy to use, web based
management portal.

Connect to your office
remotely with our
VPN Solution

Secure, Reliable and fast
VPN Connectivity
can be yours.


Reserve your number with us today or we can port your existing number at no charge. We will take the hassle out of migrating your voice and data services.

Welcome To MyTelnet

MyTelnet is a leading Independent supplier of voice and data solutions, empowering customers with leading edge technology and cost effective business solutions. Supporting the growth of your business, both now and in the future. MyTelnet prides itself through :

  • Delivering exceptional customer service
  • Leading the way, offering Innovative Technology at affordable prices
  • Acting transparently and with Integrity in everything we do

We bring a personal and effective experience to every customer we deliver services.

CEO, Winston Stoltz

MyTelnet's innovative solutions give you superior functionality


We strive to automate as many processes as possible, making great service with a personal touch a reality in the Telecommunication industry.


We have a department dedicated to keeping our customers up to date with the latest in communication solutions.


Our Call Analysis tools helps you understand the costs relating to your business communications.


We give you the required control to easily manage your business telecommunication costs.


An effective communications solution is essential for the operation of your business. However, your business requirements may change and technology is constantly progressing. MyTelnet enables you to benefit from the efficiencies in which a leading-edge voice and data solution brings to your business.

Voice Services

MyTelnet offer enterprise grade IP-based voice services. We provide an extensive range of voice hardware guaranteed to match your business requirements.

  • Redundancy and SLA options
  • No CAPEX requirement
  • Flexible and Scalable Solution
  • Free on-net calls
  • Secure Calls Option

Data Services

MyTelnet provides a full range of data related products and services to not only suit your needs but also your budget.

  • Offers Flexibility and Scalability
  • High Reliability
  • Low Contention Ratios
  • Fibre to the Home or Business
  • Dedicated Account manager

Network Services

We love building Wide Area Networks, let us show you how so connect remote branches as well as workers to your head office.

  • Dedicated Point to Point Links
  • Encrypted, secure services
  • VPN Remote worker support
  • In-VPN Firewall
  • Easy user access management