Our roots

We’re pretty proud of our organisation. Launched in 2011 out of an international outbound contact centre environment, Mytelnet began as a provider of voice and PABX services, using VOIP technology to offer a solution with the power to take on South Africa’s fixed line telcos.

Since then, we’ve built a highly scalable, low cost first-tier network, enabling us to serve customers across the country and achieve industry-leading service stats.

Embrace new ways of working

Our team

Leadership with diverse, hands on experience

Our leaders come from a range of backgrounds, from tech, telecoms and IT managed services to financial services and strategy advisory. We can see the bigger picture, and bring our personal first-hand experience with growing a sustainable business.

Join the team

Visionary coding and tech specialists

Our highly skilled coders are the beating heart of our team, bringing the capability and out-the-box thinking to rapidly develop and integrate relevant, best-of-breed platforms and technologies, with simple and intuitive user interfaces.

Our family

We are part of an international group of related businesses. We keep each other on the pulse of new industry developments, link each other up with trail-blazing business partners, and share best practice in our offerings, service levels, operations and pass-through economics.

What moves us

Each of us is fuelled by our belief in a buzzing, tech-enabled African economy. Our culture is rooted in our values of transparency, entrepreneurship and real socio-economic change.