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The all new freemium offering from Mytelnet brings VOIP technology to your mobile phone for up to 3 users free.


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Managing costs and growth is vital task for fast growing businesses. We save you money from the start – our platform is designed to scale up and down as your business requires, allowing you to keep costs low and scale as you grow. 

Start with our freemium package giving you a platform at no cost for up to three users and build to our enterprise offer with attractive volume discounts. 

Something for every business size

Freemium allows you to set up a professional business line that positions you for growth. As you expand get additional geographical and regional numbers, add new users, plus top up your daily call budgets with ease.

Pay as you grow

Mytelnet is an authorised tier one connectivity partner which means you get the best possible rates combined with the best quality service backed up by our top notch support team available 24/7. You are in safe hands.

A trusted provider

iOS & Android mobile apps
for you and your team bringing your company business line direct to their mobile phone.

Connect your teams

A cloud based portal
that gives you full control of all your office communication and spend, at your fingertips.

Manage your calls & spend

Giving you the ability to
call, video and message on a premium quality platform, with military grade security.

Protect your privacy

Here is what you get and it’s quite a bit

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Get it free for life

Level the playing field and get the Mytelnet advantage for you and your company. 

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What will you do with the money you’ll save?

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The power of the mobile apps

  • Download the app and configure your device in seconds
  • Integrate and search personal and company contact lists
  • Make and receive calls on your company phone line using your mobile phone
  • Transfer calls to team members or to external contacts
  • Voice conference with colleagues, customers or suppliers
  • Record your calls with ease
  • Message 1-on-1 or broadcast to multiple team members
  • View and search call, message and recording history
  • View team members' call availability
  • Manage user preferences and settings, including call forwarding and do-not-disturb rules
  • View talk time, call counts and airtime balance in-app 
  • Make free calls between team members 
  • No RICA required - we use bank account verification via credit or debit card 

Do it all with the portal

  • Sign up and configure your account online
  • Add users, and connect their mobile and desktop devices in seconds
  • Purchase and assign new fixed line numbers, real time
  • Submit fixed line number porting requests without the usual paperwork
  • Manage user profiles, including mobile numbers, roles, teams, locations and even profile pics 
  • Create user groups to direct calls to multiple people, either simultaneously or sequentially
  • Manage user permissions, e.g. to top up in-app
  • Top up company-wide airtime balances
  • Manage billing and payment preferences
  • View overall call activity, spend and account balances
  • Download call records to enable detailed spend and usage analysis

Manage your business comms

  • Empower your team to connect easily with customers and suppliers in the office, at home or on the road
  • Complement your existing comms setup or shift it entirely to a scalable, low cost, secure solution
  • Provide your organisation with a tier one quality and fully encoded secure comms experience
  • Take control of your employees' mobile call activity and spend
  • Centralise and protect customer contact details and call history 
  • Get hands-on support from real humans when you need it

Power-up your experience

  • Bulk import your team details to streamline the set-up and onboarding process
  • Set up welcome messages, interactive voice menus and music for callers placed on hold
  • Integrate your CRM to flag inbound customer calls real time
  • Integrate third party services e.g. CallCabinet recordings and MAN3000 TMS reporting

Mytelnet helps you manage your day to day cash flow, saving you unnecessary costs, at the same time equipping you with the minutes you need at a price that saves you cash every call you make.

From Freemium to Enterprise your all in one Virtual PABX 

A platform geared for growth

Start free


per user/per month
+R10 Talk time

1–3 Users

Full functionality for the small office

What you get

Mobile app

User profiles

Desktop hub access

Full control of costs

Monthly reports/billing 

Sign up


per user/per month
+R10 Talk time

4–50 Users

Full functionality for the growing business

What you get

Mobile app

User profiles

Desktop hub access

Full control of costs

Monthly reports/billing 

Sign up


From R15
per user/per month
+R10 Talk time

50 Plus users

Full functionality plus some useful additions for the enterprise client

What you get

Mobile app

User profiles

Desktop hub access

Full control of costs

Monthly reports/billing

Answering service

Bulk import

Integrate your CRM

and more...

Save money

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