Our network

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re licensed to operate our own network. Being more than an over-the-top service enables us to directly and proactively manage costs as well as call and data quality. On top of all that, we’re able to scale it rapidly to fully accommodate the needs of our growing customer base and your growing business.

We're tier one

This means that we interconnect directly with South Africa’s major mobile and fixed line network operators at rates that are regulated by ICASA, rather than having to use intermediaries that introduce unnecessary cost. What's more, our international partners allow you to communicate with your global partners at the best rate possible.

We integrate the best of SA's network

Instead of duplicating efforts and building our own network infrastructure (fibre, towers, etc.), we’ve chosen to integrate the best of what’s available to bring you optimal connectivity solutions.

Constant connectivity

We have geo-redundant data centre presence. This means that our fail-over ability protects your data and minimises business interruptions. Keeping you up and operating 24/7.

Contrywide coverage

We’re able to connect you anywhere in the country, using whatever last mile options are available in your area (fibre, LTE/3G, ADSL, microwave, satellite, etc.) to keep you online.

You actually get what you pay for

We apply some of the most generous shaping and contention policies in SA. This means you actually get the connectivity experience you signed-up for. Guaranteed.