Collaboration Tools

How closely are you and your team collaborating? Does it take numerous meetings and catch-ups to ensure that a project stays on track? Are you constantly checking-in to measure progress? Do you know where your projects stand in terms of deadlines, and whether everything is running smoothly? If you find that you are not entirely on top of major projects, the solution maybe to introduce a number of collaboration tools.

Team collaboration tools are a useful way to improve communication, project management and teamwork.

What are Collaboration Tools?

Any tool that helps business employees collaborate and work together can be considered a collaboration tool.

Some online collaboration tools help employees meet up and communicate online. Other collaboration software helps employees to meet deadlines and stay on track with task management. Collaborative software can also let employees view, comment and add to other people’s working documents.

Above all, these tools should all help employees work together in an easy and streamlined way. In a world where remote working is becoming more and more normal, collaborative tools have the ability to let us still work closely together, even when we are apart.

Communication Tools that Assist with Collaboration

Talking with other employees remotely has never been easier. Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting are just a few of the tools we’ve all become familiar with for video meetups. Face to face meetings are being successfully replaced by instant video conferencing which is incredibly simple to use and easy to integrate into everyday life.

Other meeting communication tools include Slack, which features a range of applications including instant messaging, file sharing and video.

Tools that assist with Project Management and Task Management

There are also a number of tools available that assist with project management, even if you are managing a project remotely. These solutions can help you coordinate effectively and monitor a task’s progress over time. At a glance you can see projects on the go and know where you stand in terms of meeting deadlines.

Remote collaboration tools like Trello, Monday and Asana help you keep track of a project and organise your workflow.

Why should you use Collaboration Tools?

In today’s world, collaboration is more important than ever before. Business studies estimate that around 80% of all tasks performed in the modern office require some form of collaboration with other employees. But we’re also working more remotely than we ever have in the past. In the wake of the global pandemic, hopping on a plane to meet with other team members across the country isn’t nearly as easy as it was in the past.

Reducing Complexity

The issue for businesses, is that the more tools you add the more complex the process can become. You need to select a complementary mix of services to keep you efficient and effective.

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If you think Slack gives you collaboration, help try adding Mytelnet to the mix a virtual switchboard, with voice, video and messaging all in one place. Slack gives you chat ability and sharing of files,  Mytelnet gives complimentary voice, video and message connectivity while on the move.

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