We recently wrote an article that explains in some detail what Unified Communication Systems As A Services are and how you can leverage them to help empower your remote workforce.

What are unified communication solutions?

Unified communications refers to a principle of putting many communication protocols into one simple application. From email, to instant chat, to conferencing and video conferencing. The benefit of such a solution is the time saving it can provide, by helping remove the need for your employees to continually switch between different software applications to exchange information and collaborate on projects and shared documents.

Any unified communication solution is only as good as the data connection that it is being serviced by. In South Africa the reality is that data and connectivity is not always as robust as we would like. Having a reliable business fibre connection is one thing, but what about when that fails, suffers an outage or is impacted by load-shedding? This is where a combination of both business fibre and either fixed or mobile LTE connections becomes a critical failover choice.

You can read more about LTE as a failover service in our recent article here.

When an enterprise data connection is coupled with a robust communications platform you can improve your employee’s productivity and reduce operational costs.

Features of unified communication solutions?

Communication platforms are now coming with increased integration options. For example, you may wish to integrate your communication platform with project management tools like Asana, Microsoft Teams or Monday.com. These integrations can save time through enabling improved collaboration on shared documents.

In many cases it may be advantageous to choose a communications solution that has CRM capabilities and features. This is especially true for voice and video calling solutions, where employees or sales teams would benefit from quickly being able to access key customer or prospect contact information. And have the ability to quickly set an update on the last communication with a client or prospect immediately after making a call or contact.

Data security is always a key consideration to help protect your intellectual property and reduce exposure to hacks into your key systems. Look for solutions that come with high grade end-to-end encryption.

As with any communications application the user interface and user experience is key to it being adopted and used efficiently. Many communications platforms will house all types of communication methods in one place, like calls, conferencing, messaging and shared document storage/access.

Always check if any such platform is built around cloud infrastructure. Ideally a platform should not require any hardware or servers on site. And should be accessible on any device, from smart phones to tablets and computers.

The Mytelnet communications platform has been designed to provide a slick and seamless user experience and comes with military grade security as standard. With voice, video conferencing, instant chat and user management features.

The added benefit of using Mytelnet’s services comes from flexibility in pricing and contracts. We believe that you should be able to scale your chosen package as your business grows and contracts, without penalty of cost or being tied to a lengthy fixed term contract.

Our communications platform provides a professional interface for both employees and customers, when using your communications services.

Get your teams, fully connected with a seamless communication platform no matter where they’re working from, try Mytelnet. Effortless communication is only a few minutes away, start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.