An LTE-A network has much to offer. Faster speeds for both downloads and uploads, greater reliability, global roaming and seamless handover, are all components of the LTE-A network. 4G has improved quality and the next generation of technology when being compared to 3G. So, the 4 in 4G indicates that this is the fourth generation of such technology.

LTE advanced coverage

To be differentiated from 3G and have more advantages, 4G has the following qualities:

  • Connectivity is continuous with smooth changes between networks
  • International roaming and connectivity
  • Dynamically sharing network resources to accommodate a greater number of simultaneous users
  • The service should be sufficient to carry multimedia support

How do I use LTE advanced?

LTE services can be accessed via two different methods:

  • Fixed LTE: A data connected (SIM card) WiFi enabling device that is physically plugged into a plug point. These devices are good for situations where you need a back up to business or home fibre. They also allow for multiple devices to connect to the WiFi signal that they extend. These are ideal for home or small office locations. In many cases you can also still hard wire a network cable to the device which can help improve the reliability of connections from laptops, rather than just relying on a WiFi connection.
  • Mobile LTE: Either a dongle that plugs directly into your device, normally using a USB connection or a mini battery (rechargeable) device that also creates a WiFi hotspot, these are sometimes referred to as hotspot devices. Again, these allow for several devices to connect and are ideal for home, small businesses offices or for employees out in the field.

LTE is also a great reliable alternative where a fixed line fibre connection is not available. When deploying remote teams, it is possible that some employees will reside in areas that do not have a fibre service provider.

As LTE works through a data plan you need to make sure that you choose your provider and package carefully.

It is important to check that you:

A. Have coverage in the right areas

B. If you are committed to a fixed data package or contract term.

Mytelnet offers both fibre (home and business) and a range of fixed and mobile LTE solutions. In addition, we offer the full suite of telecommunications solutions through our communications platform. Our platform enables you to quickly deploy messaging, voice and video calling to your remote teams. The platform can also be configured to handle your call routing requirements. You are also able to access the platform on any device, from smart phones to tablets to desktops and laptops.

As mentioned, data usage can be a concern when deploying LTE, as you may have many devices that all have a SIM card enabled data connection. With the lines between home and work-life becoming blurred it is sometimes difficult to manage how employees control their data usage and consumption habits.  We recently wrote a guide as to how you can educate employees around data usage considerations. The most important thing is to educate people on the basis that it is for their benefit. If everyone helps conserve data, the business can only benefit from reduced cost exposure and therefore employees benefit in return from a more stable employer and more chances of career progression and earning potential.

LTE advanced deals

If you are looking for LTE with short contract terms and excellent pricing contact Mytelnet to find out more about our LTE packages and our complimentary communications platform solutions. Be a part of the business communication revolution.