In today’s world technology is forever evolving and cloud-based systems are taking over from physical hardware systems. These on-site PBX systems have disadvantages in that a lot of space is needed to store all of the equipment and can require specific storage conditions like temperature and air supply. This can prove to be costly to a company and hardware also needs regular attention and maintenance by skilled and sometime expensive professionals.

A hosted PBX solution will do the same job and more as a digital PBX system, minus the physical hardware and numerous pieces of expensive equipment that need to be installed and maintained. They are also much easier to operate. Because of this, cloud based or hosted PBX solutions have become a popular choice in businesses today.

You might ask yourself how exactly does a hosted PBX solution work?

Firstly, you need to choose a provider who will host the PBX and provide you with the phone services through an internet-based connection. Because of this you need a stable data connection. Having a backup system such as LTE can be a good idea, especially in South Africa where internet connections can be less reliable.

You will need devices that you use to make and receive calls, either a headset that is connected to your router or VOIP enabled telephones that are also connected to your router. All incoming and outgoing calls are processed through the PBX server which is hosted by your chosen provider and routed directly to your device over the internet connection.

A hosted PBX is a phone system that has a variety of features such as call waiting, voicemail and multiple extensions with call transfers. All of this is done using a data network which allows you to have conversations using your internet connection and without need for any “traditional landline” infrastructure.

The benefits of a hosted PBX system are summarised as follows:

  • There is no need for collections of hardware and equipment. VOIP telephones can be used or another option is for the hosted PBX solution to be connected to your mobile phone.
  • Because a hosted PBX solution is completely based in the cloud your business will save a lot of money on purchasing, installing and maintaining equipment. Remember to make sure your chosen provider includes maintenance and updates on a regular basis as part of your package. They should also give you online access to a portal where you manage your telecommunication needs.
  • On top of saving on installations and maintenance you can also manage how much you want to spend on a system in terms of features and the number of lines that you would need.
  • As long as you have a reliable internet connection a hosted PBX system will give you the ability to receive and make phone calls using your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Everyone in the workforce can adjust their individual settings, such as where their calls must be routed to, either a mobile phone, computer or tablet.
  • A useful tool is being able to record calls using a hosted PBX system. This has many advantages such as training your teams. There may be a legal action that can be defended by going back to a call that was recorded and may even be necessary practice for your industry sector.
  • Another feature that may be enabled is call monitoring. This allows someone with permissions to listen in on a call and perhaps offer guidance to staff and make sure all opportunities are being taken advantage and also that staff are doing their job and not over using company time for personal use.

Through your provider, hosted PBX for business can provide extra features similar to that of a call centre with in call managing features, reporting, IVR, call queuing. This adds more value to the service offering.

The world has changed and so has the way that we do business. We have more opportunity to work from home or any location, not just the office. Hosted PBX enables more people to work remotely. Meetings don’t need to be missed as they can be attended using their mobile phone, using apps that have been developed to tie into a cloud-based PBX system.

Mytelnet offers flexible, month-to-month packages removing the worry that comes with long-term contracts and offers your business the flexibility to scale up and down as it needs over time. Our communications platform brings all the benefits of a hosted PABX/PBX to your business with the added enhancement of downloadable mobile app to bring the service directly to your employees phones. What’s more it behaves just like a normal phone in that it dials straight into your mobile phone with your specific dedicated work line meaning you never miss that important business call again.

Get your teams, fully connected no matter where they are, with a seamless cloud telephone solution. Start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.