The COVID-19 pandemic has started a view that convergence will be the new normal. From product & service bundling, operating across multiple locations and a further blurring of work and home life. A term that is being used more within business communications technology is a converged network.

So, what is a Converged Network?

A converged network solution simplifies business communications by bringing all your business communication platforms under one single service provider.  Think of it as all your data and telephony needs being catered for in one solution.

If you imagine all your business communication needs and processes like: web connectivity, checking email, instant messaging, document sharing, video and voice calls, all being housed under a simple solution and provider, you are close to imagining what a converged network is all about. The main advantage of a converged network is that everything rides on the same infrastructure. This enables reduced complexity and hence cost savings.

Security is also a major consideration for any modern business. With vast amounts of data being stored and transferred between devices, employees, clients and even across international borders. Many communication platforms claim to be encrypted but the more parts to the system the more weaknesses become exposed. Mytelnet has leading technology and military grade security which protects the various converged communication platforms to run through one single and simple network.

Despite their simplicity a converged network solution can also be fully customized to suit your company’s needs, big or small.

What do I use a Converged Network for?

A converged network gives you the ability to carry on with business no matter where you or where your employees are located.

The disadvantage of most legacy communications infrastructure, is that telephony and data run on different infrastructure. For example: the telephone systems being reliant on a fixed line and subscription, with the fibre or connectivity coming from another provider or service carrier. In addition to the hardware and fixed lines, you would then normally see a whole host of communications software being used on that infrastructure for collaboration and communication.

Think about your business for one minute and the list of communications applications being used gets long, very quickly: email, instant messaging, telephone, video, project management, document storage and sharing, to name just a few.

Mytelnet have built our own communications platform that sits on top of our converged network infrastructure. So, in addition to the benefits of a converged network you will also get a cutting-edge communications platform that works for you wherever you are, at no extra cost. Plus, a crystal-clear voice and generous data service that is easily scalable.

The communications platform will give your employees and business the freedom to operate from home, the office and pretty much anywhere else you choose and gives your business the flexibility to scale up and down in uncertain times.

Personal Productivity

It is not just the business operations that benefit from converged network solutions. Every day we all use data and applications to communicate in both our personal lives and for conducting business. A growing number of people these days complain about the number of applications that they have to check and monitor and “the noise” that comes from receiving so many notifications from different platforms.

A converged network and communications platform can also help remove some of the stress from moving between several separate communication platforms. In addition, you can access all the platforms and features from any device type, removing the need to frequently switch between desktop and mobile, as an example. Regardless of your circumstances or size of business, if you have an internet connection you can uitilise a converged network from Mytelnet, without the cost and complexity of running several separate telecommunications platforms.

At Mytelnet we are equipped to support and advise you on how technology can support you in the new business world. Our team is less about sales and more about you. With a deep understanding of tech and what it requires to build a business. Our team will find the right communications products and services for you.

To find out more about our converged network solutions and how they can help your business, try Mytelnet for yourself.  Effortless communication is only a few minutes away, start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.