The way we work has changed rapidly over the last few years. Not only has technology advanced in leaps and bounds, we have also made changes to how we interact and communicate with others. People are looking for easy channels of communication – no waiting, no frustration, and a communication method that suits them, be it by message, video or voice.

Connecting with your customers, clients, and team members should be quick, simple and seamless. Setting your business up with the right communication technology is essential for facilitating better collaboration and communication. That is why choosing the right communications platform is an important decision for any business, small, medium or large.

What is a Communication Platform?

A communication platform is a cloud-based platform that allows organisations to add communication services like messaging, voice and video to their business applications and processes.

How does a Communication Platform help a Business?

Some of the most used applications of a cloud-based communication platform include videoconferencing, chat and email messaging. Internally, a communications platform can help employees chat to colleagues quickly and seamlessly. As a simple example, instead of opening a separate chat program to ask for assistance from a college, an employee can simply open a built-in messaging application, that they also use for voice and video calls.

What are the benefits of a Communication Platform?

In the past, trying to add communication functionality to your existing software and hardware would be both costly and time consuming. Using a unified communication platform, you can add voice, video and messaging capabilities to your existing framework without the huge price-tag or need for technical resources.

Communication platforms should be scalable, meaning you should only pay for what you use. This means it can be an affordable choice for any business, irrespective of size.

What to look for when selecting a Communications Platform provider?

You want a solution that’s easy to use and offers a variety of communication channels. But what are the common things you should consider when selecting the right communications platform for your business?

Q. Do you need to purchase any hardware to run the solution?

Be wary if you do, most enterprise platforms are hosted in the cloud and should not require hardware or specific devices to connect to the platform? Your solution should also easily integrate with your existing software and hardware, where appropriate.

Q. Do I need to buy an annual licence or is there a fixed contract term and cancellation clause?

As we all know flexibility is key! Look out for solutions with the least longer-term commitment.

Q. Can you manage video, voice, data in one place or does it require multiple pieces of software to bring everything together?

The more applications that are needed the more complexity and inefficiency creeps in. Look for a solution with as many integrated elements as possible, both from a user perspective and from a management and process perspective

Q. Can you use the platform on any device in any location?

Make sure you do not need different apps for different devices and applications. Ideally the solution should be optimised for desktop, laptop and any mobile device whether Android or IOS.

Mytelnet is a business grade Internet Service Provider, offering voice and data services without compromise. We understand the requirements of the modern-day business and the need to communicate. For this reason, we have built our own Communications Platform.

Our platform comes with crystal-clear voice and a generous data service that is easily scalable to your needs. You can also configure our platform to your preferred device. Our Android and iOS mobile apps help set you free. They place the power of the platform in your hands without draining your phone’s battery, memory or data.

Our platform can easily integrate with your new or existing IP hardware, such as your desk and conference phones. You can add as many landlines as you need to connect with your customers and suppliers as our platform comes with a simple portal for the management of users, numbers, and user groups.

You can set up online and be up and running within minutes, without technical know-how. We also offer customisable, month-to-month packages to reduce the worry of long-term contracts and fixed overheads. A communications platform that will give your business the flexibility to scale up and down during uncertain times.

So, to get your teams, fully connected with a seamless communication platform no matter where they’re working from, try Mytelnet. Effortless communication is only a few minutes away, start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.