An LTE internet solution might be the best way for your business to connect with your employees, customers and suppliers. With 4G LTE you can create a fast, flexible and efficient data network.

What is LTE?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, and it offers fast internet speeds using cellular technology. 4G LTE is also known as First Generation 4G or 4G LTE – and offers speeds up to three times faster than 3G. With speedy network upload and download speeds, you will be able to conduct work, stream video, upload files and connect with customers over the internet.

The benefits of using LTE Internet

LTE is a completely wireless service. You do not need to have an ADSL or fibre cable installed to your office or home to use LTE. As long as you’re within range of an LTE-enabled cellular tower, you can connect to an LTE network. All you need is an LTE service provider who can offer you an LTE SIM and a device for connecting to the internet. For this reason, you can have an LTE internet connection up and running almost immediately, with no downtime.

LTE wireless is ideal for large file transfers as well as video-conferencing, tele-presence and rich media collaboration.

LTE offers your business flexibility. You can pick up your modem and move it wherever it is needed. It is perfect for businesses with flexible working arrangements, businesses with mobile offices, and employees who are often on the road. Transport and logistic companies use LTE technology to keep vehicles connected while on the road.

LTE is often used on mines and remote tourist destinations where ADSL and cable services are not available. The service is also used in temporary offices, like those set up by construction companies while they are constructing a new building. LTE also offers much lower latency than other cellular solutions like 3G and Edge.

An LTE service can also be used as a failover solution for a company that needs to ensure 100% uptime when fibre connectivity fails.

LTE vs Fibre

LTE is not as fast as fibre internet, but it is a much more flexible solution. LTE is often used in areas where fibre lines cannot or have not yet been installed. If you’re looking to get online fast, and don’t want to be tied down to cables, LTE is a great solution for your business.

How do I use LTE? 

The service is incredibly simple to set up. Your LTE service provider will provide you with an LTE enabled SIM card and a modem device. You don’t need to worry about the installation of cables or lines.

Thing to Look for when choosing an LTE Provider

We recently wrote an article about things to look for when choosing an LTE provider. Read more about the common questions that you should ask yourself before choosing a provider.

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Mytelnet LTE solutions   

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