Are you looking for wireless connectivity? In this article we unpack what LTE is and what to lock for when choosing an LTE provider or solution.

What is 4G LTE?

You may have heard of the term LTE or 4G LTE and wondered how it differs from other internet solutions like fibre and ADSL.  LTE, or ‘Long Term Evolution’, is a way of connecting to the internet using cellular technology. The terms LTE, 4G LTE and First Generation 4G are used interchangeably. Essentially, LTE provides faster speeds than 3G internet, but isn’t as fast as true 4G.

LTE is a great solution for businesses looking for a simple way to get connect to the internet quickly and easily, without the hassle or fibre lines and cables. Or as a redundancy when fibre is not available.

How fast is 4G LTE?

LTE is faster than 3G internet, but won’t be as fast as a high-end fibre solution.

Why choose LTE Internet?

LTE is completely wireless. If you don’t have access to an ADSL or fibre cable, LTE offers an ideal solution. Anyone within range of an LTE-enabled cellular tower can connect with LTE. LTE is the perfect solution for a business that’s on the move. If you need flexibility to move between premises, or use different offices at different times. It is quick to get up and running. You don’t need to wait for cables to be installed. You can get connected in minutes.

Who will benefit from LTE internet deals?

Businesses that have temporary offices could benefit from LTE – for example, a company that needs to set up a remote workforce quickly and easily. Businesses that are not located in major business hubs, and do not have access to a fibre internet line can also benefit from LTE.

What to look for when choosing an LTE deals? 

When choosing an LTE solution you need to consider the following:

Q. Does the provider have adequate coverage in my area, and if they do not, can they provide satellite or microwave connections as an alternative?

Obviously the first thing is to ask the provider about the LTE coverage in your area.

Q. Does the set up require technical know-how and configuration?

The setting up of LTE should be seamless and easy. Ideally the SIM cards should be preconfigured in your chosen device, so that you can just plug and play.

Q. What support is on offer and how do you access that support?

A common problem with the larger telco’s is their reputation for poor service. Just make sure you ask about how and when you can connect with your provider if any issues arise.

Mytelnet is a trusted tier one LTE provider offering internet coverage anywhere in the country. We can offer LTE deals in any area with LTE cellphone coverage. In areas with no coverage, we also offer microwave and satellite internet connections.

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Mytelnet’s 4G LTE offers quick upload and download speeds you can stream comfortably, upload files and host video conference meetings with ease. It is also the ideal solution for parents wanting to get an inexpensive, dedicated home connectivity solution to enable remote schooling.

Choose from flexible packages that suits your new lifestyle and business requirements. Our clever configuration means that we can easily give you remote support.

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