LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which does not really explain what it is all about. The theory behind the name is because it represents the next standard in the progression of technology

G stands for Generation. In terms of mobile data technology “4G” is the fourth generation that came about with 5G already well on its way.

What is business LTE?

LTE speeds are up to three times faster than 3G mobile data. This is ideal for business activities like video conferencing as it reduces network delays. For small and medium size businesses, LTE for business is ideal as it delivers a faster, stable data network. With business LTE you can have multiple devices connected simultaneously, which makes for easy sharing of files, documents and effortless collaboration in the office.

LTE business provides the fastest way for your office to get connected as it is a wireless service which means there is no waiting for fixed line installations. This eliminates the frustration of waiting to get connected and getting your office up and running.

Why do I need business LTE?

In a country like South Africa where fixed telephone infrastructure has limited regular maintenance with the added issues of cables being continuously stolen, both equipment and fixed landline services can fail quite frequently. Because of this LTE business internet is a highly desirable back-up solution for businesses who rely on fixed fibre installations. A business LTE connection is both fast and reliable, which is so important for a business to run efficiently and effectively.

Even if you have a home fibre connection, it may well be worth considering have an LTE data connection as a home back-up solution, for fibre outages or load shedding. Home LTE devices also do not require a fixed line and like business services, can either be fixed LTE or mobile solutions. Fixed LTE is serviced by a Wi-Fi enabling device that is plugged into an AC power supply. Many of these devices support multiple Wi-Fi connections from different devices. Alternatively, you can opt for a mobile LTE device, which is totally portable and powered by a rechargeable battery.

The benefits of business LTE?

The major benefits of business LTE and home LTE solutions, are:

  • Being a “wireless solution” it is available in any area, so in places where services such as fibre are not available a business can use a fast and reliable solution like business LTE internet.
  • Its connectivity speeds are very impressive even though it can be affected by other factors such as weather or distance. Speeds of up to 50MBPs are possible.
  • It provides flexibility in location as it is a mobile internet solution which is perfect for businesses that have remote workforces.
  • No installation is required and therefore issues such as not being able to get fibre lines installed become irrelevant.

Things to Consider when choosing an LTE provider

It is always important to consider location and the length of the contract that you will be held liable for. In terms of location, because it is a wireless solution the speeds you can obtain depend on distance from towers and will also be affected by weather conditions. Committing to a long-term contract for telecommunications services and hardware is never ideal, as technology is developing at a rapid rate. You do not want to be stuck with outdated solutions therefore it is vital to find a supplier suitable for your medium and long term needs.

Mytelnet LTE business solutions

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