Converged Infrastructure (CI) is the pooling or bringing together of data storage, processing and network infrastructure in a data centre. They are often used to help optimize and simplify information technology operations.

A data centre is a building or location that is dedicated to housing computer systems and their component parts, like file storage and telecommunications services.

What are the benefits of converged infrastructure?

CI enables efficiency by providing the ability for cloud-based systems to handle massive data sets using a single integrated system.

Information technology and telecommunications services are essential for any business to run optimally. With CI you remove the need for housing hardware onsite. Everything can be accessed via an internet connection, and all the hardware is taken care of by your systems provider.

All computer systems requiring cabling, cooling, failover and continuous power supply, maintenance and security protocols. All these elements are covered by CI service providers, meaning less outlay for equipment and technical staff to help run and maintain operations. Business continuity is key, so why not make it somebody else’s problem and responsibility, so that you can focus more on running and growing your business.

You will also experience lower expenses from having less cabling, less network connections and from the reduced IT labor costs.

Running a good operation requires effective communications. Both internally between teams working on projects but also with your customers and suppliers. The list of communication requirements has exploded in recent years and every business requires one if not all of the below to operate efficiently:

  • Email
  • Instant chat and messaging
  • Telephone
  • Video
  • Tele conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Document storage
  • The ability to share and collaborate on projects and documents

Mytelnet can help simplify your business communications by bringing all your business communication platforms under one single converged service. Our services come with military grade security to protect your businesses intellectual property.

We built our own dedicated communications platform that brings a landline to your employees mobile phone, with a centralised dashboard for you to manage overall usage, spend and users from, giving you a cutting-edge cloud-based communications platform that can work for you wherever you or your employees are located.

Our telecommunications services provide crystal-clear voice calls and we can provide generous data services that are both flexible and cost effective.

Any cloud systems and telecommunications solutions are dependent on their users having a high quality and reliable data connection. Our flexible packages are structured around your needs to provide for both business fibre, home fibre and fixed and mobile LTE solutions.

Mytelnet are equipped to support and advise you on how technology can support you. Our team is less about sales and more about you. Our team will find the right communications products and services for you.

To find out more about our converged solutions and how they can help your business, try Mytelnet for yourself.  Effortless communication is only a few minutes away, start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.