Everyone is talking about mobility and remote working in the midst and wake of COVID-19. Enabling an effective mobile team requires the use of technology solutions.

What is a Mobile Workforce?

In simple terms, a group of people that work for the same company but are not bound by one or several fixed locations. In many cases people think of this topic as “working from home”, but it’s more than that, as many people have always “worked in the field” for example, construction workers and surveyors. It goes way beyond this when you think of people like Uber drivers who are also considered a mobile workforce.

The benefits of working from home and remotely are obvious. Increased flexibility, removing the 9 – 5 mindset, increased productivity through less time travelling to and from the workplace. Of course, remote working will always suit some people more than others, but how do you give people the right tools to get the most from them?

What do I use Mobile Workforce Solutions for?

The problems (or perceived problems) with a mobile workforce have been well documented and commented upon. Mostly revolving around how to track and control work. That is where the choice of a mobile workforce solution becomes an important consideration.

Historically, a company would give their employees access to a fixed location device, like a desktop computer, which was owned and controlled by the company, on its own network. This evolved into people being given mobile devices, predominantly for people who “worked in the field” more recently the trend has shifted to employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) or just accessing work communication tools on devices that they own. And now a combination of all the above.

The complexity was how to manage all the infrastructure (networks/storage), devices (desktops/laptops/phones) and then how to manage storage of documents and how to replace face-to-face conversations.

Let us take a quick look at each aspect in turn:

  1. Networks & storage: You need to have access to the internet to exchange documents and to enable data and voice & video communications.
  2. Devices: You will always have people using different devices in different locations
  3. Conversations: People still need to chat via email, instant message, video and voice and actually a combination of all these at any given time

Much of the above was solved by the evolution of cloud-based storage, removing the need for physical storage hardware and enabling the sharing and collaboration/editing of documents.

In addition to the storage and sharing, a massive range of software became available to help project manage teams and communications, Slack, Asana, Monday.com, Microsoft Teams to name just a few.

Probably the biggest challenge was the need to have effective voice and video (face to face) conversations. There are also plenty of software solutions for these too, Zoom and Google Hangouts to name just two of them.

But how do you reduce complexity and costs by converging all of these elements? This is what a Converged Network Solution is all about. Basically, a cloud-based solution that can cater for all the needs above. But most critically in any location, on any device and in one place.

Mytelnet is a mobile workforce communication solution that complements your file sharing and planning  platforms. It brings you voice, video and messaging onto your one device giving you a communications platform on the move.

The benefits of such a solution are numerous. The solution can work on any device in any location, as everything works from an app (we have apps for both Andoid, IOS).

The solution is mobile first, meaning it is optimised for being used on the go with a handheld device, despite this, it also works perfectly for tablet, laptop and desktop alike.
Collaboration & Communication becomes seamless with voice, video and chat all in one place, without need for any specific equipment or hardware. The solution can also easily integrate with existing IP hardware and devices.

Disaster recovery also becomes far easier to manage, as all the conversations, documents are securely held in the cloud. Security is also taken care of through military grade end to end encryption.

So, if you are looking to empower your mobile workforce whilst increasing productivity and reducing business operational costs. You should consider Mytelnet as a one stop communication solution.

We have a range of flexible and affordable month-to-month contracts to suit businesses of any size or scale.

We have built our own communications platform to reduce the need for switching between different software and devices. Your voice, video and messaging in one place also helps get your team into that productivity sweet spot.

Try Mytelnet for yourself.  Effortless communication is only a few minutes away, start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.