A softphone is software that replicates the functionality of a desk phone on a mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet. The fact that the software lives on a device like a smartphone, means the software can provide more features and functions than a traditional fixed telephone.

Ideally a softphone should be able to leverage a range of extra features, here are just a few things you should be able to leverage using a softphone application:

  • Making voice calls – Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the phone will act just like a desk phone with a user-friendly dialling pad, access to a list of contacts or stored contacts. The fact that the phone works using data rather than a fixed copper wire, means you benefit from reduced costs (through not having any fixed lines) and the ability to make calls in any location as long as the users device has an internet connection
  • User friendly – The softphone software interface, if well designed and feature rich, will give you several improvements in user experience, for example : putting calls on hold, directing calls to voicemail or redirecting a call at the simple tap of a button.
  • Corporate contact lists – Instead of having to remember people’s names and telephone numbers a quality softphone interface will enable you to quickly reference contact cards and recall numbers and contact information.
  • Mobile workforce – As we already mentioned, a softphone can work on any device in any location, as long as there is an internet connection. This has huge benefits for organisations of any size, in enabling their employees to work from home or on the road. The rapid onset of COVID19 caught many organisations off guard, having to scramble to ensure employees had the right devices to work from home, with the ability to tap into the organisations telephony systems. A softphone is the interface that connects a device with the features of a telephony system. These telephone systems are often referred to as Hosted PBX Systems (or sometimes PABX Systems, you can read more about PBX Systems in our recent article What is Cloud PBX?

Mytelnet offers a full hosted cloud PBX Service and a bespoke communications platform. By communications platform, we mean the ability to access a whole range of communications services from any device. These range from voice calls, call routing to call centre features such as call holding, recording, all with a simple user interface to configure and set up a workflow that matches your businesses operational requirements.  Our features and benefits include:

Voice conferencing – Host multi person conference calls with ease and record those sessions seamlessly at the touch of a button.

Chat & messaging – Chat with colleagues instantly on our integrated communications platform.

Mobile app enabled – Access all the features of our communications services from your smartphone using either our Android or IOS applications, for the ultimate mobile user experience.

Dialler interface – Your calls will come onto your mobile phone as any normal call the only difference is that it will show this is your company number and not your personal mobile number, allowing you to begin to separate home life from work life. Unlike other softphones and VOIP phones, you do not need to be in the app to receive calls our added technology enables your Mytelnet calls to interface with your smart phone to act like a normal call.

Mytelnet takes security very seriously. Our platform comes with military grade security to protect both yours and your organisation’s confidential data.

Our platform is user centric and comes with an interface that makes setup and configuration easy. You can get your teams up and running in minutes.

Integration is the key to efficiency, that is why we developed our own communications platform where you can connect in one, easy-to-use hub via voice, video or message, one-on-one or as a team. Our platform can host an unlimited number of participants on each call or message thread.

We also offer customisable, month-to-month packages to reduce the worry of long-term contracts and fixed overheads. A communications platform that will give your business the flexibility to scale up and down during uncertain times.

Get your teams, fully connected with a seamless communication platform no matter where they are working from, try Mytelnet. Effortless communication is only a few minutes away, start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.