Working from home is now considered to be the new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that it is definitely possible to run a business using work from home solutions.

But, what makes for efficient remote working? Let’s start with the basics, you will need a device or computer to perform tasks like document editing, sending and receiving emails, making voice and video calls. You may also need to pair that desktop or laptop with a smartphone. For example, you may want to send and receive your work emails on both a work or personal mobile device. You may also need some extra physical tools like a desk, printer, scanner or monitor.

Work from home technology solutions

The above needs apply to most individuals irrespective of their role or industry. When you start thinking more about the business operation aspects, it quickly becomes more complicated. For example, what if you have a large team of sales consultants. You would normally advertise your incoming number and that would patch into your office phone systems. Those phone systems may have important features, like:

Call routing – How should calls be mapped from a single incoming number into the right users/consultant or group of consultants?

Call waiting services – What happens when you receive multiple calls and you have no available users/consultants?

Recording – What if you need call recording capabilities?

Out of hours – What happens when you are offline and need the ability for callers to leave messages? How do you receive those messages and remember to listen and action them?

Now you have a host of communication requirements. How can you simplify all of this?

Firstly let’s start with the telephony requirements. There are many cloud-based telephony providers. These are often referred to as PBX or PABX providers. You can read more about PABX systems in our recent article What is a PABX system?. These services remove the need for an organisation to have any dedicated phone lines, exchanges and servers (that root and control call workflow).  Such services are normally hosted in the cloud and come with an interface or software to enable you to configure and set up a telephony system that matches your individual businesses requirements.  The benefits of such a solution are wide ranging but ultimately, they will help you save costs through removal of maintaining any physical hardware and enable more efficient work from solutions.

Once you have your telephony system set up and configured you can start to think about the application and efficiency of your set up. By this we mean the practicalities of using such a system.  How will you make calls and on what devices and how do you enable this in remote locations? The answer to most of these questions comes from using a Communications Platform or a set of communication tools/software. Think of skype as being one type of call and video conferencing tools. Your needs will quickly extend beyond just voice calls. You may need a solution for instant chat, video calling and conferencing where many users need to join one call or meeting. This is where your choice of telephony solutions provider becomes more critical.

As you know switching between devices and applications can be very disruptive and time consuming. Think about your personal life, you receive calls, messages (SMS), instant chat (whatsapp), emails, voicemail, video calls to name just a few. In addition, you may also receive some or all of these things for both your personal and working life and you will receive these things on multiple devices, from a mobile phone to a tablet, laptop or desktop or even a fixed and dedicated telephone.

Who offers work from home solutions?

Mytelnet developed its own bespoke communications platform. So, in addition to being able to manage all your telephone requirements, we are also able to offer a Communications Platform that helps increase employee call productivity and call tracking operational and budget efficiency.

Our platform enables you to make and receive voice calls and video calls. Plus, it enables you to chat, record conversations and call forward with ease to your colleagues. Most importantly it does all of this without you having to worry about the devices people are using or the location of those people.

Our communications platform is accessible on any mobile device (with the support of your own personal desktop or laptop dashboard) and in any location, as long as the user has a data connection (internet connection). We also offer that part of the solution too, we can offer fibre and/or LTE connections for your personal or business requirements, regardless of the size of your organisation.

With our communications platform you can access all features from your smartphone using our app for either IOS or Android. Our services also integrate with any existing IP (Internet Protocol) devices. So your existing desk phones, conference calling equipment can be integrated with our services.

Mytelnet’s integrated systems provide for a seamless work from home solution. Our packages are flexible, month-to-month packages removing the worry that comes with long-term contracts and offer your business the flexibility to scale up and down during uncertain times.

So, to get your teams, fully connected no matter where they are, with a seamless cloud telephone solution. Start your free trial and be a part of the business communication revolution.